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The Founding of Oblate Mission Travel                                                                Neysa Finnie

I believe God calls on us, each in our own time, to do what we can – right at the place where we are.  If you are stay at home parent with small children, perhaps your mission is local – to volunteer your prayer talent to add missionaries to your prayers and the prayers of your children.  If you are a stressed corporate executive, perhaps your mission is at home and abroad - to volunteer your treasure.  If you have time to spare, perhaps your mission is abroad for a shorter or longerperiod of time – to volunteer your time.  In all cases, God calls on us to serve - to do what we can and usually, more than we think we can!

My life used to be limited to the sharing of my treasure rather than my time and talent.  It was easiest for me to write a cheque.  As I began to travel in the developing countries and to study international development, I felt called to share more of myself through my time and talents.  I took the workshop on the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory – discerning, developing and using our spiritual gifts (charisms) when it was offered at my home parish St. Augustine’s in Vancouver. That workshop coupled with the fact that I had noticed a general lack of awareness in missionary activities among all age groups – particularly my own and the next generation, I had a sense that I could help play a part in increasing awareness of the work of Oblate missionaries. 

From that sense, Oblate Mission Travel was born.  Our mission is to facilitate the connection of Oblate parishioners and other interested people with Oblate missions around the world by leading short term mission trips at home and abroad.  We work closely with the Oblate Mission Associates  to select Oblate missions which would benefit from a visit.  The trips enable participants (who are really short term missionaries) to experience the host country and culture, meet and work with Oblates and learn about their mission work, while at the same time participating in a spiritual retreat.

Our Kenya 2009 trip is full. We are working with our Canadian Oblates in Central and South America to develop a plan for mission trips.  Please watch this space for more information.

What is God calling you to do in His name?

Neysa Finnie is the founder and manager of Oblate Mission Travel. When she is not practicing law, Neysa can be found traveling the world.  75 countries and counting.  Please contact Neysa at neysa@nfinnie.com, nmfinnie@yahoo.com or 604-736-3972 if you would like any additional information.

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