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MAMI Kenya Mission Trip 2013

February 22 – March 10, 2013(dates may  change by plus or minus 1 day depending on flight availability and price)
Here amidst the lush tea and coffee plantations of the  Meru  people, on the slopes of Mount Kenya, you will find the first Oblate mission in Kenya established in 1997 under the jurisdiction of the OMI Lacombe Canada Province (as it is now known). The Oblates have established roots and witnessed spiritual and economic growth in 3 communities – Kionyo, Igandene and Meru. 

On this Oblate Mission Travel trip, in addition to joining the Oblates in their daily work, participants will be invited to volunteer their time and energies to an orphanage in Meru, Oblate supported secondary schools, local primary   schools, and dispensary. We will celebrate the impact MAMI supporters have made on the people of Kionyo as we visit the Women's Co-operative Bakery and the Water Project. There will be daily mass and group prayer.

If you are interested in receiving information about the trip, please contact Neysa, Mattea or Teresa at oblatetravel@yahoo.ca or 604 736 3972. We would be pleased to discuss any questions you might have. 

Please keep us in your prayers as we look to take Oblate Mission Travel to a new location in South America in the fall of 2013.

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