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“Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us the task to continue the great work of the redemption of men and women. It is uniquely toward this goal that we must direct all our efforts.”
(Eugene de Mazenod, Letter to Tempier, August 1817)

Some elements of the Oblate Charism as lived by Oblate priests, brothers and lay associates include:

  • To be on fire with passion and joy for Christ Jesus our Saviour and Lord
  • To evangelize the poor and to learn from them
  • To love the Church, especially the missionary and prophetic Church
  • To live in Apostolic Community
  • To be daring missionaries
  • To recognize Mary as a model of discipleship
  • To be close to the peole and to learn from those whom we evangelize
  • To respond to the most urgent needs
  • To be a person of prayer always and everywhere, personally and communally

Prayers and practices of Oblate supporters and associates vary according to custom and to concrete circumstances of women and men in daily life. Wherever possible, communal prayer together with Oblate priests and brothers is strongly encouraged.

Prayer forms can include the following:

  • Eucharist
  • Taizé-Prayer
  • Centering Prayer
  • Liturgy of the Hours
  • Lectio Divina
  • Praying with Sacred Scripture
  • Holy Hour
  • Guided Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Oraison
  • Rosary
  • Devotions to Mary and the Saints
  • Praying with Icons
  • Annual Retreat
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Novena

In the section below are some prayers for Oblate Missions:

Beginning Again -- A Missionary's Prayer

As sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,
sons and daughters of St. Eugene de Mazenod,
we call upon you, O God.
Yes, once again we are here at yet another birthing place
of fresh beginnings and renewed commimtment to the poor.
By healing grace, helped in our own helplessness,
we long to see your hidden wholeness through all that is broken.
Help us to know once more that we are Children of Light.
Let all our falseness be burned away.
Let the Christ of Easter, given and risen,
send us forth to make new the earth and its peoples.
Grant us, Lord of life and death,
the patience to heal and to be healed,
and the compassion to stand with one another in forgiveness,
as we take our place among the poor and the powerless,
walking together
so as to more fully experience the love of God.
Let us hear the call of God and the voice of one another
and begin again ...
Mary Immaculate, pray for us ...
St. Eugene de Mazenod, pray for us ...

God our Father, we give you thanks for calling Saint Eugene de Mazenod to follow Christ the Saviour and Evangelizer. Impassioned for your Son Jesus and sharing in his compassion for humanity, he placed himself unconditionally at the service of your Church for the evangelization of the poorest peoples. Grant us by his intercession the same compassion of Christ, who calls us to sanctity and mission. May we build communities which will be signs of your presence; may we proclaim the good news of salvation to all peoples; This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Saint Eugene de Mazenod, teach us to love Jesus Christ. Saint Eugene de Mazenod, help us to be compassionate Saint Eugene de Mazenod, be our companion on the journey.

Here are some sample prayers which have been composed in the Oblate world:

Solidarity in Doing Good

Spirit of God, teach us to collaborate
with the others who labour for the Gospel.
Inspire us with a welcoming attitude
toward believers in all religions;
teach us solidarity in goodness
with persons who pledge themselves
to promote the values of the coming Kingdom,
such as peace, justice, love, freedom.
Spirit of the Son, teach us to be like God, our Father,
who sees what is good in all persons of good will. AMEN
(Hervé Aubin OMI, adapted from the Oblate Constitutions and a text of Fr. Jette)

For young People

Lord, open our young hearts so that we may listen to your call.
Put true and good people on our way to accompany us,
people who know how to smile and touch us with their joy.
May their hope inspire us.
Give us the hope that tomorrow will be better.
Give us the courage and the joy to risk for the love of others.
Give us the strength to commit ourselves
without being afraid of uncertain tomorrows.
Fr. Baudoin Mubesala OMI


We    at    Oblate    Mission    Associates   
invite our supporters every year in the month of May to participate in a Novena for the Oblate Missions. Novenas are a traditional and popular form of prayer for Catholics. A novena is when a series of prayers are given for nine days straight for a special intention. The novena is offered as a sacrifice to God. God sees a novena as a sign of devotion especially when the person saying the novena asks for a specific reason. There are many novenas to choose from to different saints, and it only requires a few minutes for 9 or more days

Here's How: Decide on an intention. You can decide a very specific intention or something general. Decide on something that is important to you or someone you care about. You can also pray for the intention of God. Don't forget to state your intention. Repeat your prayer for nine days straight or longer if the novena requires more days. You can say novenas as often as you'd like. You can say them for your intentions and others. Be thankful even if your intention hasn't been answered immediately. God listens to all of our prayers even if He doesn't respond as we like. You can repeat the novena again for that particular intention too.

Tips: Set a certain time everyday you want to say the novena so you won't forget. Be open to hear God especially if it's something you might not want to know or hear. Educate others about novenas and tell them how they help you. All you need is intentions, an open heart and a few minutes a day.

Sample Novena

2017 Novena of Prayer booklet

Novena Gift Form

Your prayer commitment

The Missionary Oblates live their Founder’s Charism in a spirit of daily prayer.

To learn more about the various aspects of Oblate spirituality, visit:
www.omiworld.org (External link - will open in new window)

Throughout our discipleship as Catholic Christians praying with Scripture becomes a vital part of our daily spiritual diet. One of the most ideal and increasingly popular way for Catholics to pray with Scripture is in Small Christian Communities. These are places of support and learning, of prayer and inspiration, where small groups of Christians reflect on their daily lives in light of the Sunday Scripture readings.

For more information on Church teachings on both Scripture and Small Christian Communities and how to start such groups, go to:
www.saskatoonrcdiocese.com (external link - will open in new window)

For a concise overview of Catholic teaching on Scripture, visit:
www.saskatoonrcdiocese.com (external link - will open in a new window)
www.saskatoonrcdiocese.com (external link - will open in a new window)

Inspiring quotations from the Founder of the Oblates,
Saint Eugene de Mazenod

The human heart is made this way. God Himself does not enter it by force but knocks at the door: 'Open your heart to me, my child.'
(Letter to Fr. Boisrame, September 1858)

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