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Oblate Spirit June 2017: Annual Report - Those words, written by Oblate priest Gerry Conlan in Kenya, serve as a template for our lives and the work we do on a daily basis. We all work, in one way or another, at fulfilling our life missions. We, in the MAMI family, are fortunate to experience the “God-like action” that you, our MAMI family and friends, provide on an ongoing basis, support that comes from your prayers and your donations to the missions. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit April 2017: Basic Needs - In Canada, and particularly on the Prairies, this is a time of hope and optimism as the sun warms the land and the trees start to bud. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit February 2017: A Time To Heal - There are many ways we can be hurt, for example by loss of income, loss of a loved one, loss of mobility, loss of a home, or loss of hope. The trick is to bounce back from hardship and find a time to heal. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit November 2016: A Helping Hand - Every year at this time, we sit down to prepare the Christmas issue of Oblate Spirit. In all of our publications we attempt to reach out to those in need at home and around the world, but it seems we do it with a different heart as we approach the Christmas season. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit September 2016: 200 Years - [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit June 2016: Annual Report - It never ceases to amaze when we hear of the many and varied ways the Oblates continue to support those in need around the world. When we introduced the new name of this publication, Oblate Spirit, seven years ago, the purpose was to try and capture the essence of what it meant to be a member of the Oblate family, and to provide a means for our Canadian members of MAMI to help embody this spirit through their prayers and donations. [ View Newsletter ]

Olbate Spirit April 2016: Commitment - For the past few years, the Province of OMI Lacombe Canada has entrusted MAMI to fund the operating costs of the Kenya Mission that includes the care of 12 Oblates living in Kionyo, Méru, Kisaju and Karen-Nairobi, as well as the formation costs associated with 20 young men in various stages of educational studies. [ View Newsletter ]

Olbate Spirit February 2016: Healing Hands - There are times in our lives when we reach out for a helping hand from family and friends, and there are times when we are beyond earthly help and are so desperate that we are willing to barter with God. “Please God, if You do this for me, I promise to ...” [ View Newsletter ]

Olbate Spirit Christmas 2015: Joy - We were quite impressed by those few words as we began to prepare our annual Christmas issue of Oblate Spirit. Actually, they couldn’t be more fitting. How many times do we ask ourselves, “what can we do to help?” And how many times do we answer, “we can’t afford very much,” or “we don’t have the time.” [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit September 2015: Beyond Borders - We chose the theme “Beyond Borders” because it incorporates the geographical connotation we associate with Oblate missions, and the psychological aspect of reaching beyond one’s normal way of thinking. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit June 2015: Annual Report - Saluting the past, feeding the future. As we gathered information and data for our annual report issue, it became increasingly obvious that this yearly record of activities was going to focus more on the future than on the past. We have all the facts and figures from 2014, but this issue also follows on the heels of the OMI Lacombe Canada convocation, where the future was very much in the present. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit April 2015: Winds of Change - The winds of change are blowing through the Oblate world. Sometimes it’s a gentle breeze, other times it is with the force of a hurricane. As the Oblates and associates prepare to celebrate the 200th anniversary of their founding by St. Eugene de Mazenod in Aix, France in 1816, change has taken a foothold in the aging Canadian community. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit February 2015: Healing - Is there healing in death? We have two poignant stories of a death experience that left a lasting impression. Was there healing that took place in the process? Was the person who died the one who was healed? Or was healing reserved for somebody left on this side of heaven? [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit November 2014: Christmas Dreams - What is the value of a good night's sleep? How important is the first meal of the day, or the last? What is the cost of putting a smile on the face of a child that has a better understanding of hardship than of joy? We can come up with many answers and have countless philosophical discussions about these issues. Or we can simply facilitate a process where we can make this happen for our friends around the world who may not be as fortunate as us. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit September 2014: New Voices - There are only 25 Oblates under the age of 55 that serve OMI Lacombe Canada. Of those 25, 18 met recently in Winnipeg. Of the 18, 14 were not born in Canada. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit June 2014: Annual Report - Annual Report - What price can you put on a smile? What is the cost of hope? What are the effects of hunger? We could debate these issues endlessly, and while we are doing that another child may die of starvation. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit April 2014: Food for Thought - There is the heart-opening experience offered by Diane Lepage about the Meru slums, people struggling to survive in the most difficult of situations. There is the eye-opening description of the “initiation” by Gerald Conlan, OMI, about the transition from boyhood to manhood, and all the problems associated with these age-old traditions. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit February 2014: Healing - Water plays such a large part in our daily lives, yet we in Canada often take it for granted. The picture on our cover, of people immersing themselves into Lac Ste. Anne, brought some focus to the meaning of water in our lives. We chose the theme of healing for this issue, but it just as easily could have been a theme on water. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit November 2013: Christmas Wishes - Today, many children in North America have visions of iPods, iPads or other electronic goodies dancing through their heads. The less fortunate would settle for full stomachs and a safe place to lay their heads. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit June 2013: Annual Report - The good ministry and mission works of the Oblates continues in Canada and throughout the world. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit April 2013: Kenya Insight - Oblate Spirit April 2013: Kenya Insight [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit Feb 2013: The missionary spirit - The missionary spirit What does it mean to be missionary? That is the theme we chose for this issue of Oblate Spirit. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit Nov 2012 - It has often been said that “the joy is in the giving.” We understand that statement better as we advance in age. We are fortunate to live in a country with an excellent standard of living and a medical system that helps cover our basic needs. However, that word “needs” means so many different things around the world. There are many less fortunate souls living in countries where even the basic necessities of life are hard to come by, be it milk for a newborn child, a comfortable bed in which to sleep, or transportation to a nearby hospital. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit - September 2012: Milestone - We live in a world of constant, rapid change, but some events will linger in our minds much longer than most. We chose milestones as the theme for this issue because of the number of significant events that have occurred in the Oblate world in the last year. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit - June 2012: Annual Report - Just like the sun breaking through the clouds after a nourishing spring rain, the Missionary Oblates of Canada continue to provide hope and nurturing to the poor around the world. From the homeless on Canadian city streets to the impoverished peoples in Africa, Latin America and Asia, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate can be found reaching out with assistance and hope. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit - April 2012: Ripple Effect - Ripples through time. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit - February 2012: Fanning the Flame - AMMI Lacombe Canada MAMI is pleased to support our Missionary Oblates serving the poor around the world through humanitarian works – feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, clothing the naked and bringing the love of God to those most in need. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit - November 2011: Gifts of Hope - Gifts of Hope. Experience the joy of giving a meaningful Christmas gift to a loved one and bringing a smile to a face in a developing country. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit - September 2011 - A tribute to St. Eugene de Mazenod, founding father of the Oblates, on the 150th anniversary of his death. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit - Annual Report - June 2011 - It is often said it only takes one person to make a difference. If that is the case, the Missionary Oblates have been especially blessed because there are 2,848 members of the Oblate family in Canada who have chosen to open the doors of hope for thousands of people around the world. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit April 2011 - Power of Prayer [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit February 2011 - A taste of Oblate life It has been 150 years since the death of St. Eugene de Mazenod, the founder of the Oblate movement. Could he have even imagined the impact he would have on the world during that time? [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit November 2010 - Alternative Gift Giving. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit September 2010 - Oblate Spirit September 2010 Newsletter. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit June 2010 - This issue of Oblate Spirit is a continuation of the feature on Canadian missions we began in February. This month we present stories ranging from youth ministry to care of the elderly Oblates, from retreat centres to parish missions. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit May 2010 - The Missionary Oblates are extremely grateful for your ongoing prayers and generous support. In 2009, the faithful family and friends of the Oblates raised $1,707,425.66 for the ministry works and missions of the Oblates in Canada and around the world. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit February 2010 - Oblate Spirit February 2010 [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Spirit - November 2009 - November 2009 Oblate Spirit Newsletter [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Connexions Oblates

Connexions -- February 2009 - A Man’s Love for His People in Sri Lanka / Medical Friends of Peru / Canadian Youth in Puerto Rico / Bolivia – True Missionaries / The OMI Brick-Maker in Peru / Called to Cast our Nets for Zimbabwe / Oblate Mission Office Crosses Borders / Evangelize the Poor [ View Newsletter ]

Connexions -- Fall 2008 - Oblate Youth Ministry, Oblate Mission Travel News, Dispensaries Make a Difference, Greetings from Edmonton, On Eagle’s Wings, Slum Lessons in Hospitality, Roamin’ in Rome, Brother Joseph, Moe’s Visit [ View Newsletter ]

Spring Issue 2008 - A Sunday in Karinde, Kenya / Visit to Peru / Peru in Winnipeg / Oblates and Women [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Connexions Oblates - December 2007 - Annunciation | Summer Encounters | Oblate Communications | Oblate Ministry with Women | Returning to Spirit - an Oblate Ministry? | Way, Way up North | On Eagle’s Wings | Missionary Meditation | Oblate Mission Travel [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Connexions Oblates - Autumn 2007 - Africa in Winnipeg | A Word ... | A Secular Society? Maybe Not Yet | God’s Brickmaker in Peru | NACORRC Gathering | World Social Forum | Vaughan Quinn, OMI | Musings from Kenya [ View Newsletter ]

Spring 2007 - Happy 10th Birthday Kenya Mission! Good News in Labrador Tribute to Fr. Claude Falardeau OMI Oblate Mission Travel News [ View Newsletter ]

Winter 2007 - The Missionary Oblates may well be the only religious order in the world to own and operate a gravel pit! They have been producing building materials by hand in Chincha Alta, Peru -- with pick and shovel -- with 12 local men who make up the work force. In these 11 years of operation ... [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Connexions Oblates - Fall 2006 - About 160 Oblate priests, brothers and lay associates gathered at the Holiday Inn in Winnipeg for its tri-annual week of deliberations. The theme of the Convocation was Crossing Borders, Choosing Life. [ View Newsletter ]

Mission Oblate

Mission Oblate - September 2009 - There have been astronomical changes in Kenyan society, particularly in the domains of education and urban development. Those called to proclaim Good News to the poor need to appreciate these many changes. [ View Newsletter ]

Kenya Water Project - A Word, Cool, Clean Water, I was Thirsty, Water for All, Before and After, A Work in Progress, Last but not Least, Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant [ View Newsletter ]

Formation Kenya - A Word ..., Becoming an Oblate, Oblate Formation Kenya-Style I, Oblate Formation Kenya-Style II, Interview with Mario Azrak,OMI - Oblate Candidate, Henry Mbae Nabea - Oblate Candidate, Robert Ndwiga - Oblate Candidate, Cosmas Kithinji Kubai, New Oblates in Kenya [ View Newsletter ]

Mission Oblate -- Kenya - In this issue: A Word, Mission Trip to Kenya, 10th Anniversary of Kionyo Parish, An Unusual Adventure, The Least of These, Making Connections: Kenya & Canada [ View Newsletter ]

October 2007 Mission Oblate -- Latin America - We are pleased to present to you this special edition of Mission Oblate on the Oblate missionary activities in Latin America. The Oblate presence and goodwill in Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala and Peru is astounding, a living witness to the Gospel call to reach out to those most in need, to evangelize with concrete commitments of justice and charity. [ View Newsletter ]

Winter 2007 Mission Oblate -- Canada - This newsletter focuses on two particular types of Canadian Oblate mission work: the Oblate Parish Mission work throughout all of western Canada, and the Oblate ministry in Canada’s North. [ View Newsletter ]

Oblate Mission - Kenya - Fall 2006 - In this Issue : Kenya Trip, Ken Forster, OMI Farewell, Reflection on Kionyo, Kionyo Bakery [ View Newsletter ]

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