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Mission Trip to Kenya Jan. 19 – Feb. 6, 2015

(Dates may change by one day, depending on flight availability)

By Mary Battle
VANCOUVER – The Canadian Oblates started their missionary work in Kenya in 1997, under the leadership of Ken Forster, OMI. Since then, several groups have participated in an Oblate mission trip to Kenya, witnessing first-hand the impact the Oblates are having on the local spiritual and economic growth in many areas of the country.

This January, participants will have the opportunity to volunteer their time and energies at an orphanage in Meru, Oblate supported secondary schools, local primary schools, and a dispensary. There will also be opportunities to explore a developing project at a tea plantation and see the successful projects MAMI has supported in Kionyo – the water project and Women's Co-operative Bakery. For the first time, participants will experience the Oblates' newest parish in Kisaju, south of Nairobi.

The trip, however, is more than just seeing the work, the schools, and the projects being done in Kenya? This mission trip is about meeting the local people and Oblates, getting to know them and gaining some insight into their daily lives, struggles and joys.

It's about seeing how we can best help and support the people working and living in various areas of Kenya, and it's about what they can teach us. We won't be building a school, or digging a well; rather we will make connections with the people and witness the faith, joy, love, gratitude and hope they have in their lives, despite having what by our standards is so little. What we can learn from them is much more than what we can give to them. And what we will see on this trip is God's love in action.

For more information about the trip, contact Oblate Mission Travel at 604-736-3972 or email missiontravel@nfinnie.com

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