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Oblate Mission Associates are friends and family who have a unique relationship with the Oblates and their missionary works, especially with the Province of OMI Lacombe Canada. We are called to be partners with the Oblates in serving the poor through our prayers, finances and participation in missionary activities. As you browse through our website, we invite you to join our Oblate family. 

By risking life and daring hope, the prayers and financial support of the Oblate Mission Associates are vital in:

  • Providing basic necessities for others
  • Improving quality of life
  • Fostering vocations
  • Educating children
  • Training adults in career skills
  • Encouraging healing and reconciliation
  • Enhancing Catholic faith experiences
  • Collaborating with other religions and cultures
  • Empowering youth leadership



Who Are The Oblates?


General Info

Our Founder: Eugene de Mazenod

OMI Lacombe Canada

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Mission Fields

The traditional definition of mission fields has long been obsolete. “Mission” is no longer associated with priests and religious going off to some exotic place far away from home to win souls for Jesus.


Inspiring quotations from the Founder of the Oblates,
Saint Eugene de Mazenod

May the good God heap on you His most abundant graces.
(Letter to Fr. Honorat, January 1828)

In all matters one must act as if success depended on our skill and to put in God all our confidence as if all our efforts could produce nothing.
(Letter to Fr. Tempier, January 1825)

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2017 Novena of Prayer booklet


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Oblate Mission Associates
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Phone: (306) 653-6453
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