Oblate Mission Associates

History and Background

As a result of the formation of the new province of OMI Lacombe Canada, the Missionary Association arm of the Oblates has undergone a new foundation.

Oblate Mission Associates is the new face of the Missionary Associations formerly active in four of the five Canadian Oblate Provinces of British Columbia (St. Paul's), Alberta (Grandin), Saskatchewan (St. Mary’s), Manitoba (AMMI) and Ontario (St. Peter’s).

For a brief history of this new development, click here.

Inspiring quotations from the Founder of the Oblates,
Saint Eugene de Mazenod

… a tendency to optimism rather than to gloom assures peace and tranquility of soul.
(Letter to Fr. Tempier, October 1833)

We must become entirely generous toward our Father who is so good and, at the same time, so great and so powerful.
(Letter to Brother Baret, August 1843)

We know by experience that we must have sufficient confidence in the Lord to expect of His goodness the help which we need …
(Letter to Bishop Bourget, February 1845)

See everything in a good light.
(Letter to Fr. Mye, June 1825)

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