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Kionyo Bakery

Mutua Mwirebua - Manager, CWA Kionyo Bakery

Over the last decade, The Women Development Programme of the Catholic Diocese of Meru has been involved in assisting self-help women groups within the Diocese in their efforts to improve their living conditions by giving them financial and technical support. The Women Development Programme was established after a request by rural women who had organized themselves into development groups with an aim of fulfilling their physical needs. These communities are mainly from the marginal zones of the diocese where poverty is rampant. However, these communities have been actively involved in implementation of their projects at every phase through contribution in cash and kind. At the moment, the Diocesan Women Development Programme is involved in giving support to 520 self-help women group within the Diocese of Meru with a membership of about 57,600 women.

One of these projects is the Catholic Women Association's Bakery in Kionyo, which started its production on June 1, 2004. Being a women's project, it was found wise to start by training women members in specializing in baking and other matters related to bakery production. For this reason we started at a slow pace, producing 400 loaves per day.

Despite stiff competition from many bakeries from all over the country we managed to keep our production rising from 400 loaves to 1000 loaves per day. And now we feel we must keep up with other challenges such as means of transportation for our products. We managed to purchase six bicycles, which we now use to distribute the bread.

After the transport problem, we encountered yet another greater in fact chaotic problem - that of persistent power failure. It is until recently that we managed to purchase a 15 K.V.A. power generator, hence relieved from one problem among many. So far, by use of the six bicycles, our production has risen up to 1200 loaves per day. Despite the many challenges and obstacles, we are determined to meet our target,
which is 4000 loaves per day.

We produce various types of bakery products such as 400gram bread, 400 gram long rolls, vanilla cakes, oval cakes and round cakes. We also take orders for wedding cakes.

The C.W.A. bakery is composed of nine employees as follows:

3 boys specializing in all bakery products
3 women of the CWA council
2 women representative of CWA Executive Council
1 manager to ensure CWA Bakery lasts forever

We are very happy with our new bakery, and we are making many other people happy who are eating our products. Thank you to the Oblates for all their support!

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